What happened since the last post

Well, not much. Last week of May I had my final set of MCQ exams. The real turning point came on the 2nd June when I went for my friend's birthday party at her house. I was obviously quite close to the friend who invited me, but I wasn't too familiar with her other friends - I was really really scared at first, but after a few pints of beer it wasn't too bad. Anyway, I met this guy there, he was actually her housemate, doing chemistry- I thought he was going out with a medic in my year, but apparently they broke up a few months ago. He kept coming over to me and talked and asked about just random things, I dunno, at the time he came across as one of those weird people who do stupid things to set a jokey kind of atmosphere when we're in a group so I guess I was kind of attracted to him as well. We all ended up going to a club - reached first base. Then on the cab home he asked if he could take me out to dinner. :)

Anyway week later I had my prosection exam (massive disaster, plus I had the worst period pain and compounded with me having some kind of postural hypotension I had to crouch down towards the end to stop myself from passing out) and day after that he took me out to the cinema where we watched Hangover 2. Then went to Nandos to get dinner. I was slightly worried for him because he had an exam the day after... but he still took me out anyway :) which was sweet. And well, he ended up getting a "first" in the exams...!! He doesn't look that way but he's actually pretty smart. The day after that, I went clubbing with him and his friends, though we had to take his friend home because he got waaaaay too drunk. He walked me home the next morning (nothing happened that night, obviously)

Day after that, he took me to the cinema (again) - watched Kung fu Panda 2 (because there wasn't anything else on!) I actually enjoyed the film...! Then he stayed over at mine. I made him watch Amelie on my laptop. The morning after that, I left for Manchester (he took me to the station) to visit a friend and he left for Germany (his brother lives there).

Manchester was fun - I stayed over for 2 nights at my friend's (who was externally resitting first year). The3 days consisted of shopping in town, watching films, more shopping at the Trafford centre (which looks like a foreign country on the inside), lots of eating out (and eating in), and gym to play badminton! It was uber uber fun. Kept thinking about the guy though.

Then came back, randomly went to see a uni production of some kind of opera - they were singing in English but I couldn't really follow the plot. Caught up with 2 medics in the process.

Then the hospital prep week started (this is last week) - the lectures were slightly disappointing. As in, boring. We had to spend 2 days at the hospital we're in for first term next year, which for me turned out to be the furthest hospital possible, 1.5 hour on the train, which meant I'd be getting accommodation there. Slightly isolating but everyone there was nice and super keen to teach us, which was amazing, so in terms of teaching I think I'm actually lucky to have that placement. I'm going to have to work very hard it seems,for next year. I don't really want to fall behind... it didn't really occur to me until those 2 days how independent you have to be from 3rd year, you're like the only person at the ward and you have to take initiative and find something to do...!! Oh, and the consultant anesthetist took us to the pub and bought us drinks, as well as paid for part of the curry. Fun times. I guess the 11 other people who are at my placement were all pretty nice so that's also good. I do think it's going to be slightly isolating though, especially in the evenings.

On thursday night, I went out to a club again, this time with a different bunch of people. It was pretty fun. I'm seriously beginning to see that there's more to life than just sitting alone in my room and watching anime for hours on end. I also feel like it's not very healthy that we all sit in our own rooms, at least in my flat, and be very unsociable. I guess in a way I'm partly responsible for making this routine in our flat. Hopefully my new flat for next year (I'll be flat-sharing with another medic girl who I'm living with now) would be a bit more lively. Anyway that night was slightly crazy, some creepy guy kept dancing with me.

The day before yesterday was results day. Oh and I passed! Was very shocked and pleased about that. I was anticipating at least one resit, but I was fine!! Plus I got placed in the first quartile again. Was quite chuffed. My average was 74% which means that if I apply for intercalation after third year I might get it...! The guy came back from Germany that day and cooked Risotto for me round his place - it was AMAZING. He's just so amazing :) We then went to the pub to meet up with his other friends (who he was saying goodbye to) - we played pool there. His friend played the guitar for us round his house too :) I stayed over round his house again.

The next morning he walked me home so I could pack my stuff - then he came to pick me up again so he could cook me Omelette for dinner, which was also amazing :) Then we watched a film with his housemates and friend from his course - 300 - It was a pretty horrible film, but yea, it was fun. Stayed over at his house again, then this morning he walked me home and we said goodbye, promised eachother not to do anything stupid over the hols and promised we'd see eachother again and more often when term starts. I guess it's not too bad with this guy - he's going to Hungary with his friends for a month during the summer to learn Hungarian (he's half Hungarian but doesn't speak the language. Oh he gave me a Hungarian textbook which his brother used when he was there, which is kind of sweet of him) whilst I'd be in Japan busy doing nothing. But at least we're both doing, like, something. Instead of waiting to see eachother again which was the case with Laurence. But the same "problem" stands for next year - which is that he's going togo on placement somewhere around Manchester for a drug firm (I've been told he got the best firm to do placement in... this guy is pretty damn clever) so it's pretty much going to be a long distance thing, if it does develop into a relationship. I wanted to ask where we were going, but I was too scared to ask. But he's so sweet to me, and he says he likes me, alot, like, pretty often. I think I'm slowly falling for this guy.

And today, he's gone. He should now be on the train back to his place with all that stuff scattered all over the place in his room - hope he made it on the train...!! I got a text, apparently he made it.

Okay, my flatmate was moving out just a second ago and told me about Christine (who I'm living with next year) and how she's been bitching about me behind my back. Apparently she has no respect for me, she thinks I'm pretty much pathetic and is only using me because I'm easy to control. I feel slightly abandoned and the truth does hurt, but I think it's good that I know this now, so I could start looking for where to live next year. I just need to be a bit more proactive, get to know a few more people and know who my real friends are. I guess it makes sense how she doesn't really have any friends - and how her only friend from first year which she came to properly hate now doesn't really want to have anything to do with her. I'm sure there's also something about this person as well, but that can't be everything. I wish I saw this at a much earlier stage. Gawd why didn't I see this and decide to expand my territory at a much earlier stage...?!?! I'm such a retard.
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Hello, stranger; pardon the "intrusion". What an interconnected, ethereal world in which we live, when we can happen upon someone's blog whilst in search for something completely else--and pause for a few moments to read and ponder the parallel lives we seem to share with others. Like gazing upon footprints at a beach and wondering who'd made them.

Suck about Christine--don't take it to heart though. It sounds as though you've a good circle of friends who support you and watch your back, and we all know how important that is in med school. Hang in there, kiddo.