Ah, my blog has been fossilised

Sorry for not replying to comments and for my long absence from the blogosphere. Not much has happened, but I just didn't really feel like documenting anything that happened to me.

So, I got home for Christmas intact, spent a good month trying to revise, but didn't do as much as I did last year. Just got the results back and I passed everything, woot woot! Immunology caught me by surprise too, I got 90% which means that I'm okay to neglect immunology revision for the summer (to some extent) - the others were comfortable passes too, so I'm slightly chuffed.

Whilst slowly being killed by neuroanatomy, I've been having relationship problems. There are 3 different people in the world,
1) someone who values their career more than their relationship
2) someone who values their relationship more
and 3) amazing super-hero like people who manage to balance things out.

Now, like probably most of my other hardworking medic friends, I am type 1. There's a few who comes under 3, but they're like, amazing.

And on the other side of the relationship, there are 3 types of people:
1) someone who can accept that the other's career is important and accepts that they don't have as much time as they wanted to spend with them
2) someone who fails to do the above and becomes unhappy
3) someone who's equally busy and pre-occupied by work that not only are they 1, they don't have as much time for the other either.

My flatmate goes out with a 4th year medic, therefore her boyfriend is a 3. But mine? He falls under 2. He called me last night to say that - yes I did feel guilty that I was having to "fit him around my schedule" a bit, maybe I didn't make him feel valued and for that, I was in the "wrong".

So anyway, maybe it's like in "500 days of summer". "Life" just happens. He thinks we're "on a break" but to be honest, we both killed it. It's strange though, because only a few days ago he came round and it was so nice, and on the phone since then, it's also been nice. But yea, life.

I was upset that night when he called, slightly surprised it happened at that moment but I was kind of expecting that day to come. The funny thing is, maybe I was slightly on the "low" the next day at school but apart from that, I was quite fine. It also helped that I personally don't expect that much from life in general though.
I just need to get used to not getting flowers for Valentines, eating out on weekends, watching films at home etc. One thing that sucks is that, well even though he was awkward in quite a few aspects, I was kind of feeling attached to him.

Well anyway, moving on. Cancer ICA this thursday. Also the reason why I didn't go to his birthday party last weekend because I had to revise. See, Career > Relationship. Zis is zeee life man.
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