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Immunology lectures always seem to lose me 15 mins in and I end up drawing pictures of funky helminths.Oh you think it's a crap artist-impression of helminths do you? Well here's the original image, probably taken with a microscope:

Well there you go. They are funky-looking - and I always get fictitious itching whenever I see this image.

Today I was upset to hear from a friend's fifth year friend that by the time we finish this term we'd have gone through post-graduate-level immunology. I swear we're going into excessive detail.
I've never really talked about relationships on my blog until now when I'm not feeling happy about relationships. Well ONE relationship involving a guy I was seeing. Questions that come to mind:

1) He made an unfunny somewhat-hurtful joke - should I forgive him for this and pretend this never happened?

2) Since kind of chucking him out of the house, I realised that I don't really think about him during the day but only at night when I feel "lonely" - am I in this relationship only to enhance self i.e. so I don't feel lonely? And not because I like the guy?

3) Long distance relationship (30 pounds each way) - his circumstances changed, long story.

I already know the solution though. I like spending time with him, but it's not really like I think about him all the time = FRIEND. I would be content with friendship, but he won't. And I don't see a future with him in the case where I do end up being back together with him.
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