(... CD34 found on the surface of haematopoeitic stem cells, CD33 expressed on the surface of myeloblast onwards blah blah, CD1782739479032 found on...)

I'm at war against immunology. And they're winning. I'm already 2 lectures behind and in the small group teachings I sit there lost and in my own world, where CD1789174897941 is an answer to everything. I find the subject quite intriguing, but there's just so much to learn. Plus we have an exam nearly every week on it. Oh well, will have to use the SSA week to catch up on work. Cardiovascular and Renal are relatively more straight-forward at the moment, though I shouldn't be jinxing it.

Last weekend, I realised I was making a big mistake over a relationship I was in - this resulted in me chucking the guy out on Sunday evening. And I'm one of those people who can kind of forgive someone for what they've done, only because there's other things occupying my head most of the time that I very nearly forget what they've done in the first place. Which is good, because I could act normal around the person. The usual pattern of "being upset -> missing the person -> stop missing the person" happened veeeerrry quickly - I'm not really missing the guy anymore and it hasn't even been a week. It's also good that I have good friends and more than enough work to occupy me. Or maybe it just means that I didn't feel very strongly about this guy. Though he still texts me to say he misses me.

Anyway I'm even more upset by the fact that "The Inbetweeners" has finished. :(

miwa - Little Girl
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That rabbit is so amazing...
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