The return of May the terrible.

Yes, my oh-so-brilliant blog has been revived. Hopefully the above Google advert which used to say "meet beautiful Japanese women now" or whatever would go away. Why look for beautiful Japanese women elsewhere? You are reading the words of one. Haha, I wish.

What's been happening? Well the near-3-month summer holidays are now over (which by the way was spent in the most insignificant way possible: Wake up at 1pm, go to gym, eat, watch gintama, sleep, repeat. And no I didn't go on holiday anywhere). Freshers week is now over too - I went out for one night with my new flatmates on one of the medical society freshers events, where you jump from one club to another in fancy dress. I was Minnie-mouse. It was funny when I was walking outside the club some guy shouted, "Look, it's Minnie" at me. Interesting.)

Freshers week was spent with a somewhat special friend (?) who came over to say for a few days (which got further prolonged) - we went clubbing together, ate out a heck of a lot (I am now pretty much broke).

My new flatmates are nice - we're in a flat of 5, 4 of us knew each other from before as we're medics. Two are Canadian and one is British. And then there's me. Fun times - we walk to school together and go home together as we have lectures at the same time. The 5th person is a random person who got placed in our flat - she's a biology student. She keeps hinting at how much she wants to go out clubbing with us, but we're medics and we're pretty much working all the time and when we're not we're too exhausted to do anything. I don't do that much work but I do a heck of "being exhausted". So you get the jist of it, it feels slightly awkward at the moment.

Anyway, it's Canadian thanks-giving next weekend apparently, so we're going to have roast turkey. I've never celebrated thanks-giving so that would be interesting. Problem is, my friend is coming up to see me that week, I'm not sure if the flat wants to keep it as a flat thing... this sounds kind of inclusive doesn't it?

Anyways, 3 days into 2nd year and I'm exhausted. We should have a day off at least every 2 days of school. And they should abolish 9 o'clock lectures. As well as those that finish at 6. Not cool, BROSKI. (One of the canadians in my flat is being an influence here, lol). Apparently there's a Broseph as well.

I'm too tired to write at the moment (and should probably be learning immunology instead) - so quickly, what happened today? Oh I had an audition for orchestra, slightly nerve-racking but they said I did well so hopefully, hopefully I got in... :S Screwed up the sight-reading though, I totally ignored the sharps. Eeeeeeeeks!!!!! Oh well there goes my luck. But it was nice of the flat to like "listen" (eavesdrop) on me practising the piece in my room and clapping and telling me I was good, lol. Though I did feel slightly self-conscious.
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