Well done Japan!

I actually skipped the orchestra rehearsal to watch the match! Was in disbelief when we scored the goal. Amazing effort! But I thought I had a heart attack when the Cameroonians booted it at the bar late second half though. OMG. I nearly tipped over my can of Carlsberg.

The commentators thought the match was pretty boring (well I don't know what they're talking about since the England match wasn't exactly entertaining to watch) - but when it comes to seeing your own country playing football, you suddenly feel patriotic don't you? It's funny what football can do to you.

But then they started showing the highlights of the Netherlands match after our match and I thought, well they were actually playing *proper* football. I don't know about everybody else, but our match was kind of all over the place with people running round in random directions. The dutch players were showing more character and showed so much skill, especially the forwards... that's the kind of thing we lack. But I ain't complaining at this point - we have won and we got the same 3 points as the dutch did.

I know that Japan was obviously playing more defensively in the second half, but it was so obvious that they were gradually running out of energy. Probably more so than the opponent. Dad said that because we don't have that many skilled players, we have to have more stamina to compensate for the lack of skill. Maybe that's kind of true.

The commentator also kept saying that we weren't using the left side as much as the right.

Anyway I'm definitely looking forward to the next match.
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