I went to Sainsbury's and got a load of cardboard boxes to move house. Today I realised I haven't thought the process through very well. I set a date for moving my stuff into the storage place, but since I don't know when I'm flying to Japan for the Summer I might NOT be able to get the ticket to get home straight after the "moving out" date, which means either

1) Sleeping in my empty room without a duvet for a few days
2) Staying at travelodge (or something similar) for a few nights

Neither of these options are particularly appealing.

Okay, so us medics are staying, well after the non-medics have gone home, to do our SSA - we have to do a poster presentation on a topic we propose as a group. Our group decided to study mitochondrial disease. All good - we're so dedicated we meet as a group at med school literally everyday to discuss things - yesterday we spent 3 hours sorting out... the colour scheme for the poster. Someone decided to have green as the colour scheme. Don't ask me what "green" has got to do with mitochondria. I associate "green" with chloroplast, but maybe that's just me. Anyway since we're not art students, we struggle with things like this. I don't think anyone else in my group has been brave enough to point it out to everyone, but our poster... looks so green... that we may as well stick a piece of cabbage on it.


I might take a picture of the poster and blog it.

Managed to watch both World Cup matches today. Total coolness. But they were quite boring.

Anyway. I was kind of like, with some guy. Well it's over. The good thing is, I can't be bothered to get upset about it.

So now I've officially gone back to clinging onto the idea that there's a guy out there for me. *uneasy laugh*

But I dunno, I kind of feel slightly more self-confident than I used to. So I guess I did have something to "gain" from the "relationship".
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