Rarely hungover.

This is an episode of ギャグマンガ日和, which I found quite funny. But hmmm, I don't really like the phrase「生まれてきてごめんなさい」But ok, apart from that I found the episode rather amusing.

Yesterday I went out clubbing with a bunch of 2nd year medics - I didn't know any of them apart from the host of the pre-drinks who invited me and one of her housemates. I know her through music VERY RANDOMLY. She plays the flute so we decided to start a violin-flute duet, where we'd practice in her spare room round hers from time to time. (which was actually quite difficult to arrange since she's also a medic and has a rather busy life)

Anyway, I got quite drunk after drinking a whole bottle of white wine, but I wasn't as drunk as last time when I was unconscious for half of the night. All of her friends were really lovely though, i think I should have been in second year! But yea, we went out clubbing afterwards. Then got back home, only to realise that I forgot my keys round her house, so I had to call the security people to let me into my own room. It was quite a long night, but fun times. I hadn't been clubbing for about 6 months since most of my friends in my year don't go clubbing at all.

I have a tooth ache. And with a reason. Basically, I was revising for my final exam when I was feeling VERY stressed out and was biting the end of my pen a little too hard, it broke of a bit at the side of my upper 1st molar which has a filling. And yes, it's being plagued by bacteria from the side of my tooth, causing inflammation and paaaaaaain. And thanks God for NHS dentistry - I get free treatment without filling out a form because I'm under 19! So now I have an appointment tomorrow morning so it could be fixed (hopefully) before I take off for Paris.

Also the other day I got quite bored so I made a sock pig.
I need to transform it into a 'superpig' with a cape and mask though, as inspired by this website, although I didn't quite make it using the same method.

The other day I was using my tin-opener for the first time (though I bought it AGES ago) but it broke the first time I tried to open a tin of tuna. I've been put off from cooking anything since, resorting to ordering from pizzahut when I'm not satisfied with peanut-butter-toast / cereal (which is roughly once a week). Oh I must budget. But I know someone (well, twins. They're identical twins AND they're both doing medicine at the same university. Inseparable is the word) who either eats at Nandos or order takeaway like every single day. Pays to have a rich consultant anaesthetist dad really, they don't even need to think about budgeting!

Tonight's dinner is... cocopops. Oh crap, I'm out of milk, therefore it's going to be... peanut butter toast.

I'm now always out of breath when I walk up from the station to my accommodation (although I do have togo up a slope) - I haven't gained weight at all though. Mum thinks it's got something to do with not eating a balanced diet, which is quite true - my only intake of protein comes once a week when I order pizza (I always order chicken supreme). When I wasn't ordering pizza on a regular basis my intake of protein = near 0. Though this is under the assumption that none of cereal, toast, peanut butter and milk have protein in them. Well apparently they do, but they're not really full of protein like meat are they?
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