I have to share this

Lang Lang playing flight of the bumblebee on iPad. ROFL.

I'm fine. I had my first exam on Monday, which was for 3 hours - I was caught off-guard by a certain endocrinology question which was worth 10 marks. Tomorrow I have an exam on sociology and that kind of stuff (which I personally find quite pointless), friday is some more of this plus epidemiology. Next week's line up are 3 biological science modules, fun fun fun.

Am not looking forward to the 2 weeks of nothingness that comes after the exam period (before the 2 weeks SSC starts) :

> Cinema
> Clubbing
> Going to London (or France), hopefully by myself to look at some art
> Concert - including one with Bach's double concerto, wahey.
> Reading and watching anime til my heart's content
> Forcing a friend from school to stay round again.

I was hoping to go see an Opera, but the one at the Royal Opera House thing seemed to have sold out :(

One thing I'm not looking forward to is moving house - which means I need to borrow a storage space to shove my stuff in during the holidays since my contract runs out at the end of term and I can only move to the new place in September or something. PLUS I don't have a car or family over here - and one thing I don't enjoy is asking friends for favours i.e. helping to move stuff out of my flat. Therefore I need to try and shove everything into a taxi to relocate. You have no idea how much I hate taxi drivers.

I've also banned myself from consuming any form of alcohol during the exam period.
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