Meh, again.

Woke up at noon, crawled out of bed, went to the medical school at 1pm and worked on my essay until 6pm. Score! I've managed to get through half of it i.e. 1200 words - it's supposed to be 2500 words.

Got back home, my flat-mate decided to hang out in my room for hours and hours, talking and putting on random tv programmes on my macbook. He's such a weirdo. It's now 2am but he's decided to knock for me again despite the time. But anyway, he's quite a useful specimen for practising clinical skills on.

Tomorrow I'm going into town in the morning to buy a birthday present for this flat-mate of mine.

Oh yea the guy who gave me roses said that he went back home this weekend "sorry" and that he would make it up to me by seeing me on his birthday next week. WHAT. It's not like I wanted to see him for Valentine's, plus I was never exactly desperate to see him in general... This one's a weirdo too. But does that mean I have to get him a Birthday present? A Birthday present for someone you hardly know? That's silly. And extremely time-consuming.

This song is for my brother, who took me to Karaoke last time I went back to Japan - but he realised he wasn't as good at singing as he thought and refused to sing after a few tracks.

This one's my favourite song to sing for karaoke - Radwimps. Damn good song. It's also the only song I could properly sing that's in Japanese (though most of it is in English). I find singing to male voices easier than female ones.

So anyway, I don't have a Valentine for Valentines day again. (In fact, I do - my friend from school is my Valentine - we agreed on this - but he's not exactly around is he? He's 3 hours drive away, bah!)

But talking to my mother on skype, apparently my brother (who's probably 16 now) got 4 chocolates - 3 from girls in his class and one from a girl from some other class! The other brother (who is about 13 I think) didn't get any chocolates, however he's boasting about the number of "love letters" he's got over the year. I don't see what these girls see in them - they're not exactly bad-looking but I think they're extremely dumb with not much to say about anything except football. Well the girls must be a bunch of retards anyway for even having the time to do such little things. I'm not trying to be protective over my brothers though, don't get me wrong.

May's Schedule
Because I am an EXTREMELY HARD-WORKING MEDICAL STUDENT *hint hint wink wink*, I always seem to have time left-over to watch anime. Well, I watch them whilst having breakfast / dinner or to sleep. *note these are not the day they get aired, but rather the day they get uploaded onto websites.

Friday: デュラララ!!, のだめカンタービレ- the first is quite confusing at times, the second just makes me want to be a musician.
Saturday: とある科学の超電磁砲- which is actually really crap...
Sunday: One Piece - makes me laugh when I'm in the mood for it...

I've been filling up Monday - Thursday with old episodes of Darker Than Black, but I've finished them all now so I don't know what to do. Maybe watch the episodes I haven't seen of Evangelion, but that anime takes awhile to get into. Or I could stop watching anime all-together and get some work done for once.

Manga read from time to time: Naruto, 学園アリス
Though nowadays I'm more interested in reading proper books - am reading Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice (which I got for 2 pounds off amazon plus free delivery!)
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