Meh. It's snowing like crap again

Crikes it's snowing again! And am just about to leave to go round a friend's to go to Nando's for dinner and film! Very exciting. We're caught between watching Princess and the Frog (A disney film which some of us seems to be more than eager to watch) or Precious (which looks quite hardcore, thought-provoking). I don't really want to watch neither of them, but whatever gets me out of reading my stupid fat physiology book sounds like a fine idea!

Well it's been weird of late. With that guy with the roses turning up - got asked out on another date today (another coffee excursion), talked for about 3 hours sitting down and that was about it. He's quite a nice guy to be honest - though he talks mostly about work (which can get dull) but I love it when he talks about Romania and the culture there. But on the way back home I realised that my hair was a mess - oh fail again. Also I can't help thinking how... frigid I am. :S

Another weird thing that happened this morning was that I got an email on facebook from a guy I met at a jazz bar about a week ago and he asked me out for Valentine's. Argh, what's wrong with the world nowadays. Well, okay, so I hardly know this guy so I'm going to very subtly turn him down... but it was nice of him to ask anyway. I just feel really flattered.

Awhile ago I had a friend round for a sleepover, apparently I sleep-talk and say random medical terms, such as "..... pleural effusion.... (zzzzzz)". Oh yea, because I'm such an excellent student *cough cough* Whatever happened to writing essays *cough cough cough*

Apparently you get struck off the medical register if you miss a scaphoid bone fracture. That was genuinely the only thing I learnt from those 6 hours of lectures on Monday. I suddenly respond and wake up when they start talking about things you may do that leads to being struck off. Meh.
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