von meinem Raum

Well I'm home. This is a view from my room - the snow is refusing to go away and it takes longer to walk to the med school. I don't even have time to play out in the snow either - and it's been like this for days now, not many people are bothered about the snow to join me in making a snow man. :(

Anyway, exams on monday was alright. I guessed quite a few of the answers. There was one question (these are all multiple choice - in the summer we have short answer questions) on pharmacology and basically there were 5 choices, I've never even heard of the drugs except just one, which was Suxamethonium, so that was my answer. Well that was... aha.... easily done. I think I did quite well on the anatomy - I liked the way the questions were set in a clinical context, like you have the results of a neural assessment and you get asked which nerves may be damaged. Fun times. Sociology was crap, I'm just glad this one as multiple choice. If it wasn't I would have been screwed.

We started a new module on respiratory medicine today - looking at the handbook we got though, it had lots of graphs and argh, Boyle's Law, wahey, therefore I think we would be expecting to learn quite a lot of physics again. I shouldn't have cursed it by saying I missed doing physics - after being told that I was doing physics I suddenly don't feel like I miss it much anymore.

So, back to the routine. Breakfast was Coco Pops. Lunch was also Coco pops. And dinner may also possibly be Coco Pops.

I'm also severely jetlagged - we finished exams at 4 yesterday, but I fell asleep at around half 5 (which is the time I usually go to bed in Japan i.e. 1.30am) and then woke up bang on 2.30am (which is 11.30am over there, precisely the time I used to get up whilst there!). I missed dinner yesterday and I thought I heard someone knock on my door half way through my jet-lagged beauty sleep and I vaguely remember being quite offensive and barking at them to kindly eff off. Oh well, I'll go visit him this evening and apologise.

Anyway it's 14.40 at the moment, 2 hour lectures from 3, better get going. I'm feeling really sleepy already now that it's approaching midnight over there in Japan.
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