5 minute break from revision

So. I'm actually writing from Japan at the mo. In fact I've been back home for the past 3 weeks. It didn't feel very Christmassy though - no one seems to celebrate Christmas DAY - rather it's all about Christmas Eve. I got sick and tired of seeing Santa Claus everywhere - no one seems to know the real message of Christmas. Anyway Christmas this year felt very very fake.

New Year seemed of greater importance though. Went to the shrine place shortly after midnight to give them money K|AKA dropping 100 yen in that box and pretending to pray because I got told off for not doing so. I was also told off for not taking a cup of `sake` - I just thought that the two people sitting there with sake were just two drunkards who simply liked to drink but nooo they were so generous they were giving them out! Anyway, that was fail on the face of trying to not show disrespect for the religion. I shouldn`t really have been there in the first place though.

I bought a clothes fukubukuro for 5000 yen - it had quite a good selection of clothes, Wearable anyway. I got another one from a stationery shop for 3000 yen and that wasn't too bad either.

The rest of the time I`ve been revising for the exam coming next Monday - fail this and I don`t have a summer holiday this year. No, no, no! Cushing`s syndrome, Addison`s disease, cranial nerves, brachial plexus, the whole bag! i`m off to the library tomorrow for some more hardcore revision - the library has been closed for ages, I had to revise on the kitchen table which has been very stressful indeed.

Goodbye, freedom.

Oh, and Happy New Year. We`re rapidly approaching the apocalypse AKA 2012
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