May is grateful

... that she has the most brilliant best friend. I phoned him - after not talking to him for about 2 weeks, because I vowed to myself that I would stop relying on him to listen to my stupid problems but instead start writing in my diary (written, mind). But today I just needed to - not because I was upset, but when I heard his voice again I just broke down in tears. Again. What freak. I guess I'm somewhat in love with him, but I'm just not attracted to him. Okay, maybe I LOVE him, but I'm not IN LOVE with him. Whoa, that actually makes sense.

Sitting in a neuroscience lecture, whenever they say 'pons' I automatically imagine my beloved orange juice from back home.

Apparently we get to learn how to do neurological examinations next week - we've been instructed to wear a t-shirt and a pair of shorts underneath our normal clothes. One of the guys in my seminar group doesn't need to make any adjustments then - he still comes to lectures in his shorts and t-shirt. But then again, he's Canadian. I have nothing against Canadians. I just love the way he says 'Ottawa' and 'Toronto'.

So, a week left at university - no exams next week AND thursday is a day off! First time having a weekday off since coming to med school. It's about time too. Hopefully I'd get to listen to more live jazz next week. That's all I ever think of nowadays. Whenever anyone mentions the word 'chicken', The Chicken starts playing in my head on loop. Great song.

Anyway what's been on the news lately? Highlights this week:

UFO investigations unit closed by the Ministry of Defense
Apparently the MoD thinks resources should be "focused on the top priority - the front line in Afghanistan". Or they thought. Some green people out there are going to interpret this response as their cue to come invade our home planet.

Woman passes 950th driving test
So, a woman in South Korea has now managed to pass her driving test. The roads in Korea is going to get quite dangerous now... I did think that the driving theory test was a pain in the arse, especially due to some ambiguous wording and having to remember useless facts that I would probably not need again, ever, but I'd think it would be difficult to fail 949 times... unless it's terribly difficult to drive in Korea. I've heard that there's an old man who tries to get into med school because that's his hobby (or something). I personally would never want to do anything academic after I retire. Even now, I'm always reluctant to use my brain most of the time.

Oh, and my personal favourite:
Library ban for 'pungent body odour' man
Oh I know the answer. The wife has a nerve damage on the olfactory cranial nerve. Or maybe she got so used to the smell it became the norm for her. Or she herself doesn't see the importance of personal hygiene.

I need to go into town for definite tomorrow to send off a post - oh yea, Borders is closing down isn't it? Everything is 20% off? Might check it out.
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