"everything is going to be alright"

Maybe I do sound like I'm exaggerating at times, but when I do get stressed out I always recall that big sign that was lit up on the entrance to the Tate gallery in London when I was going back to university from Canterbury on the coach after visiting a friend:
This was taken in broad daylight - it looked so much better when it was lit up in the dark AND when I was feeling really low. Apparently it's an artwork by some guy called Martin Creed. I've been to the Tate Modern before - I have to say, some of the artwork are rather bizarre and made no sense at all, but some were quite thought-provoking. Sometimes people in society just wants someone to reassure them that everything is going to be ok, with a pat on the back.

but anyway, this sculpture did kind of make me cry.

I swear I exaggerate everything too much - I'm not exactly experiencing particular hardships or anything, life isn't too bad...

I've been having friendship problems of late - I hang round with 2 good friends from my flat quite often, but I fell out with one the other day, I thought she was being quite harsh but then I thought maybe I wasn't being compromising enough. I'm trying to patch things up, but I don't know, sometimes I just feel like I'm being ignored and I don't belong with them. But to be honest, they do spend much more time with eachother, especially since they only have 1 or 2 hours of lectures everyday whilst I have at least 4 or 5. Three is a difficult number when it comes to friendships too.

Basic life support is alright - next week is the exam. There is a guy in my group who seems to know it all, he's not afraid to hide it, and when I was practising how to deal with casualties in "shock", he was pointing at me and saying how I wasn't doing it right. I wanted to shoot him down on the spot - then we would have a real casualty to do emergency procedures on, instead of Annie the dummy with a flat chest.

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