The slow movement

So. What have I been up to of late? Oh, on thursday my PBL (problem-based learning, where you research a topic and do a presentation to the class on what you've found out at the end of the day) went really really well. It helped that I recited what I was going to say over and over again in my flat's kitchen over lunch, had a good diagram on my OHP - I also didn't need my notes to talk, so I maintained eye-contact with the class! 17/20! Yey.

But then I ruined it by having a little too much to drink at the pub after a debate (hosted by the debating society, which a friend goes to) and became a depressed-drunk. Not very good. It was supposed to be a 'you've earned this, well done' pub session, but I got carried away.

For some reason I only had 2 lectures on Friday, so I went into town by myself to sort my head out. I talked to mum on the phone, who kept saying that I shouldn't phone Paul (a friend who's doing physics at another university - probably one of my so-called best friends) about being stressed out and having problems, because I'm doing medicine and I might sound arrogant because most people don't have the opportunity to do that. The thought never crossed my mind before - I don't agree that I'm act arrogantly though. He just chose to do physics because it was something he was interested in. What's wrong with that?

Anyway but she did have a point. Maybe I do rely on him too much. So. I've resorted to writing in my diary (written one, mind) nearly 24/7 instead of phoning him every few days. The opposite effect though, is that I'm now OBSESSIVELY writing in my diary every 15 minutes, which is disrupting my work. I'm also more likely to write than go out of my room to socialise with my flatmates... :S

Tomorrow is the chamber music society's concert at a local church - I'm playing the Borodin trio with some friends. Fun, fun, fun. But the rehearsals mean that I have less time to get some work done. Today I spent most of the day looking for a concert dress in town, oops. I also need to go to church tomorrow after not going for 2, 3 weeks, oops to that too.

I'm supposed to be reading about genetics, as well as the autonomic nervous system and some crap about pharmacology, and what? More spinal nerves again?

There's a dude in my flat who came in just now and apparently he spent all day reading anatomy for fun. What. I think he's GENUINELY interested in medicine...! I'm finding it difficult to even motivate myself to open the book.
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