The relationship between spinal nerves, the spinal cord and the lumbar intervertebral foraminae.

We were supposed to have 7 lectures today, but for some reason ALL of the anatomy lectures were cancelled - those who have been paying attention would realise that I had a great day with only 2 lectures. I had a three hour gap in-between so went into town to have some time to myself, reading a STRICTLY NON-MEDICAL BOOK (The Wheel of Time book 8 to be exact) at a cafe. I just thought it was important to get a peace of mind from all that work load.

Then I thought,

I feel constantly burnt out nowadays, I feel like I'm no good at anything anymore. Second year medics kept telling me to find something you're good at and stick to it as your best attribute. Unfortunately I haven't found any of that yet, which might be the thing that's putting more weight on my shoulders.

But I also realised that actually, even though I do often feel like crap and want to give up everything, the thought of leaving medicine never really occurred to me. Despite all this workload I'm getting through, I just think it's leading to something brilliant and worth-while. I think that's what's keeping me going.

However, I can still admit that the only thing I look forward to is the orchestra rehearsal. And also this weekend - I'm going to stay over at a friend's near London. He's studying law there. Crazy guy. Law? Pah!
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