A big shout out to my baby brother

who turned 14 today! Happy birthday, little person. I hope you're having a nice day... playing football. All you ever think about is football. You live and breathe for football - I hear you're lagging behind on your Maths though. Don't over-stress yourself mate, maths is dead simple once you get past the first hurdle of actually understanding what's going on. Replace all unknowns with x, as sinister as this may sound. But it's okay, from experience I could tell you that x is often 4. But there are exceptions, don't forget.

Anyway, your birthday present is on its way. Brace yourself, this one's pretty explosive.
PS I hope I'm not spoiling this for you, but I think you are old enough to know if you don't. These things are not real, they don't exist they're cartoooooons. Santa doesn't exist either but he's not a cartoon.

Tomorrow is going to be a good day. Only 2 hours of lectures! Amazing. Plus going out at night maybe. But apart from that, I need to find some information for my PBL - the relationship between the spinal cord, spinal nerves and intervertebral foramina. Whatever.
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