May dislikes:

people who decide to leave half way through the lecture because they get 'bored'. What the heck is going on? Yes, I do agree that some lectures are dead boring - if you know you'd leave half way through, just don't turn up at the lecture. If not, just sleep at the back of the lecture theatre, politely.

What has the world become? I just want to shoot them down. Fools. Maybe I should be a revolutionary, stand up when I see someone leaving, point at them and shout 'scum!'. That would disrupt the lecture all together, but maybe the lecturer would be less offended by us. But anyway, what scum.

Tomorrow I have the cell biology exam (which somehow manages to include bits of anatomy, embryology and histology) - which I will fail. Probably.

Today I went to homebase with my friends and bought a christmas tree and lights. It's about a metre tall. It's in our living room, which is actually Amy's room, but she has a tv, we have dinner there and generally commune, so it's kind of like our living room. We also bought a box of Quality Street (chocolates), put thread through them and hung them up as though they were baubles. Will upload a picture shortly.
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