I did buy...

... the anatomy colouring book in the end. Of course with good reason as well. My second year mentors said that it was their lifeline for the first year (and still is now). So HOPEFULLY that was 30 pounds well spent.

I was supposed to do the PBL presentation today (we get extended PBL , because the GMC requires us to undertake SSC (student selected component) where you research something you're interested in - I wasn't interested in what I researched, but leaving that aside...) but my group didn't have to do it. You see, we only got an hour in a seminar group before another class used the room - the first two groups were supposed to take only 10 minutes each to present, but the first took 35 mins for some bizarre reason, thesecond took around 20 minutes, then half way through the third group we officially ran out of time and we were ushered out of the seminar group by a second year seminar group dying to get in. So that's about it. This was a real shame, because I actually came prepared - I rehearsed the presentation on my non-medic flat mates as well and I felt confident about it for the first time!

I went into town with my friend, who had her mum over from home - she also went to a university here so she knew her way round much better than me - we went into a small Viennese cafe, where she treated us with cake and a cup of hot chocolate. I felt really bad, but she was like 'I'm a grown up!'. My friend and her mum seemed to be more like sisters than parent-daughter. They were so close! Plus they have the same hair, same height.

I thought she would like to spend time with her mum by her self, so I excused myself and walked around book shops, my other good friend phoned to say she's finished her lectures so she got the train into town too, and we went shopping. Though the only thing I bought was my brother's birthday present, which we sent off back at the university. Had late lunch at Pret a Manger - chicken and avocado sandwich (!) which was delicious. We tried on the same dress in Warehouse - a petit black dress for 65 pounds! Obviously didn't but it, but it was still fun dressing up randomly.

Yesterday was bonfire night. Our university hosts this annual fireworks night near one of the halls of residence, so we went to that - it was really quite impressive. There was a funfare as well, my friends were so eager to go on all the extreme ones so I had to, I felt sick. It made me question the health and safety issues surrounding the funfare rides though. I thought that the safety bars were a little loose. Oh, and I found a guy from methsoc (which I randomly wandered into at freshers), a maths phd student, who was hoping to meet people he knew there, but didn't - he looked really miserable so I invited him to walk around with us.
(Taken without permission from a friend's facebook page LOL)

Earlier in the week, my seminar group decided to do a social event outside lectures, so we went to Nandos to have portuguese food. That was quite fun. On the same night, I went out with my flatmates to a club bar place, where we basically sat around and drank expensive cocktails. Good fun - I usually stick to two good friends in my flat, but they were both not there, so I guess it was a good opportunity to get to know the others. The drinks were too expensive to get drunk from. Of course that wasn't the ONLY thing that drew me back.

A little birdie says that Asian Kung-fu generation has a lottery-ticket based tickets being sold for an extra concert at Yokohama! Long way from home, but I'm so going to apply... if I manage to work out how to get tickets. The internet form seems to be being stubborn and not accepting my American Express.

Oh, and another thing. I entered a postcard competition on 花と夢 when I was in Japan for the summer - it was the first time I bought it, mind, I was just more than too eager to read the next chapter of Gakuen Alice, see - and it turns out, I have actually won one of the prizes I entered to win. It's not so amazing, but I think only about 3 people won the same prize. I was just thinking, gawd if I were in so much luck I should have went for a bigger prize like the Nintendo Wii or something. LOL.

If Santa is listening, this tops my christmas presents list:
Snapshot 2009-11-06 21-36-56
*Amazing*. But was sold with a discount at 70 pounds from Clarks in town. I'm so in touch with my feminine side, wishing for a pair of shoes for Christmas. Oh wait, I am a woman. I've never wanted shoes/clothes for a present in my life.

Tomorrow is revision day, Sunday is also revision day, Monday is exam day. At the same time though, I need to work on my Neuroscience PBL for Friday, as well as do a presentation on complimentary medicine on Thursday. Life is hard. My friends are going out to a club on Wednesday as well.
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