Happy Halloween

And all that. I went to Sainbury's today to do some grocery shopping, though our ultimate aim was to get a giant pumpkin each. Unfortunately, the giant ones were already sold out. So we got the last 2 small 'edible' pumpkins:
For people who know me well, it's very obvious that I made the one on the right. The other was done by a good friend living in my flat (who I went to Sainsburys with), who incidentally got an A in A-level Art. Very creative. I watched her carve out her pumpkin, drinking Malibu with coke, wishing I had just a little speck of creativity in me.

We couldn't find any non-scented tea-light candles to put in the pumpkins. Instead, we had to make do with a vanilla-scented *pink* tea-light candles found in the early-Christmas aisle at the supermarket. This means that our pumpkin lanterns smells very oddly of burning pumpkin mixed with vanilla. Delicious.

We made pumpkin soup out of the stuff inside - with added croutons AKA nearly-burnt toast. It was alright, but I wish we had a blender.

We also bought a tub of chocolate ice-cream AND a chocolate cake. I am too well-nourished. I also have an obsession with mixing Malibu with coke nowadays - I'm going to buy a bottle to take with me to Japan for the Christmas holidays, I should think. I wouldn't be able to buy alcohol over there, see.

This also means that I have done no work whatsoever today. I woke up at noon. Next week is reading week - this means I have to write an essay, but apart from that, I could do anything I want. Likely revising for the molecular biology exam... At least I wouldn't have to get up for nine o'clock lectures.

Medical school is making me feel even more depressed as time goes by. I feel useless CONSTANTLY. I like sitting in lectures and learning about shizzle, but I hate PBL, I can't give good presentations, I am absolutely terrified of public speaking. I feel SO useless. I used to have alright-ish self-values because I did quite well at school - but now, everyone around me is extremely clever beyond belief.

And anyway, the world is going to end in 2012 'the apocalypse'. I graduate from med school in 2014 or 2015 or something like that. Hmm, what's the point in being here if the world is going to end soon anyway.

Dancing around the room listening to jazz with a glass of Malibu with coke in my hand... looks like I will not be doing work tonight.

---------Bonus material
Alas! I think I may be seeing how Hallowe'en fits in with this part of my medical education. The guys who plan out the medical education do seem to know what they're doing. Very impressed.

On a more disappointing note though, I PHONED IN TOO LATE SO I COULDN'T GET A TICKET FOR ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION CONCERT!! There was a serious miscalculation in the time-difference (forgot about the daylight saving time..) - lines opened at 10am in Japan, I phoned up at 2am instead of 1am! I feel so retarded. Now I have nothing whatsoever to look forward to for when I go back to Japan for Christmas except for the initial excitement of going home and not having lectures. Instead, there awaits day after day of sitting in the local library with a stupid anatomy book (which seems to have a secondary purpose of acting as a pillow for when I fall asleep on the table)

Anyway, if anybody out there has a spare ticket for Asian Kung-fu Generation's concert, please comment, I will pay in full, plus I'll be nice and send you some English tea as a token of thanks. That is, if you have one for either Nagoya or Tokyo.
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日本でもそうですが、他の学部と比べて課せられる課題も多いですし、しんどい事も多いと思いますけど、医師になりたいと思った初心を忘れなければ、乗り越えられると思います。Medical Schoolの同級生で、励まし合える友人ができるともっと良いですね。多分、卒業後もずっと通じ合える生涯の友達になると思いますよ。
Have and enjoy a nice Halloween night!

追伸;来年は、僕も所属するMedical SchoolのPBL tutorをやらねばならないかもしれません。僕の英語力ではなかなか荷が重いと感じていますけどね。MayちゃんがPBLを苦手と感じているのは、僕が荷が重いと感じているのとは次元が違うとは思いますが、「うまくやろう」と力まない事が、ストレスフルな状況もある意味で「楽しめる」ようにするメンタル・タフネスの方法かなとも思います(て言う感じに、勝手に開き直っています、笑)。
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カボチャのランプが いい感じ・・・

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お返事が度々遅くなってしまってすみません :(

>Dr Kenさん、優しい言葉ありがとうございます。いつもとっても励ましていただいてます。最近はPBLの発表の前日に同じ寮の友達にスピーチを聞いてもらってます。友達は医学生ではないのですが、すごく優しくて、かなりサポートしてもらっている感じです。ところで、Dr KenさんはPBLの担当に任命されたのですね!:) 頑張ってください!私の担当の先生は医者ではないのですが、医者が担当しているグループの友達によると、先生が臨床とか自分の経験話とかよくしてくれてすごく興味深いとか言ってました(日本語、変!)それに比べてうちのPBLの担当は酷い!先週のPBLで私は(いつも通り)緊張してあまり話さなかったら、feedbackの時に私の方を指差して、「お前のせいでグループの点が下がった、来週はもっと真剣に取り組んでみろ」と(その言葉そのまま)言ったんです。こっちなんか「お前なんか医者じゃなくて良かったわ。大体、なんでお前みたいな奴が医学部でPBLの担当してるの、ってあんた何者?」って言い返したかったです。(笑

> Sarge I don't know how to respond to what you said, but thank you for your time

> バニラさん、私は元気です!バニラさんはお元気ですか??日本はだいぶ寒くなったと聞いています。またブログに遊びにいきますね!x

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