The lost cow

Today I decided to go to Uniqlo in the hope of finding an XL sized Pacman tshirt for a friend back home in England for his birthday. Please note here that I haven't lived been living where I'm staying at the moment in Japan for a very long time, therefore I don't really know my way round. To be frank, I really DON'T know my way round. I googlemapped the nearest Uniqlo shop and got there alright (only to find out that the largest size they have of Pacman was an L. He's a Dutch giant, he would never be able to fit into an L!).

But silly me, I didn't print out a map like I usually do, thinking that, because it was such an easy route there, I wouldn't get lost on the way.

And yes, I DID get lost. I was cycling about 2 miles away from home in the opposite direction, until I came to my senses and asked random passers-by where my town is and how to get there. Most of them looked at me, dumb-folded. Yes, I had been cycling miles from home that the people there seemed to have heard the name of my town, but could not identify even roughly, where the town might be.

I walked into a really small newsagents and asked for directions (whilst buying a drink) - the shop owner kindly drew me a map. Half way back home, he actually followed me on his motorbike, caught up with me and made sure I was right on track!! I did NOT think that such kind people actually exist in this world. Apparently he went to the States years ago, where he had to ask for lots of people for directions and everyone was kind to him there. He said it was his means of giving the good deed back and passing it on to someone else. Bless him. When I do get used to living here and I know my way round, I think I would go back to his shop to say thank you in person again.

Today I learnt first aid at the driving school. The dummy we used today was so high-tech, it has a screen telling you whether you're doing it properly, how much pressure is being applied when you press onto the heart, what the air pressure is in the lungs, if it's sufficient. I couldn't even do it properly, I felt so useless!! To think that in the end, these patients in need of emergency attention would eventually get to the hospital, where split-second final decisions are made by doctors... would I ever be able to make that call? It was also the first time I've seen an AED in real life.

Crikes, it's half 2 already! 2 hours of driving school lectures in the morning, lunch with gran, then another hour of lecture, break, then an hour of actual driving to finish off the day. Oh, I found a really good bookshop today, I might go there inbetween lectures.

I just CANNOT wait for the next chapter of Gakuen Alice, which is coming out in the beginning of September. At least I would be around then. I wish book 20 would come out earlier than November though.これまでにハマった漫画は「学園アリス」を除いて「花より団子」「フルーツバスケット」くらいかな。あっ、それと「ナルト」と「名探偵コナン」も時々読んでいる。
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Re: The lost cow
Mayちゃんはお医者さんになるので、いずれちゃんとFirst Aidは出来るようにならないといけないでしょうね(多分出来るように訓練させられます)。

道歩く一般人のどれくらいの人がCardiopulmonary Resuscitationの技術を身につけているかは、路上でのアクシデントの救命率を大きく左右するのですよ。心肺停止後4分までにCPRが始められていたかどうかで、予後に大きな差が出ます(特に、脳の機能にです)。救急隊員が4分以内に現場に到着するのは、どちらかと言えばまれですし、病院についてから始めたのでは遅いのです。