Leavers ball.

Got changed at a friend's house. I randomly put on a lipstick to show that I've made some sort of effort. The taxi there cost 20 pounds, which was split between 3 people. Still quite expensive though. I thought it was the expectation of taxi drivers to know where they're going (surely, at least they should have a car-nav nowadays?). In the end my navigation skills got us there. Yes I have man-skills INIT. Booyaka!


Was intending to go an hour early, but I stayed for the whole evening, half 7 until midnight. I didn't realise it was such a big place, there were bouncy castle-things x3, about three different bars, a rock-pop band, a caribbean band, alot of food, dodgems (bumper-cars) and a disco. There were SO MANY people there. I was bored most of the time, but I rather liked the disco (where I could just be anonymous, obviously). They played Michael Jackson quite a lot, because he passed away the day before.

After 4 cans of Red Bull, I just wanted to stay in the disco for as long as possible.

It was also the 4 cans of Red Bull that kept me up after I got home. I didn't get any sleep after that. I was in excess of energy.

Oh, and also, I didn't get any alcohol. At reception, they give you either a yellow wristband or purple. I later came to realise that yellow = underage, purple = "overage". I spent the rest of the night cursing that yellow band I put on rather too tightly, which went so well with my yellow dress. Fail!


The leavers ball was Friday. Yesterday I went out in the evening with my friend and we watched 'The Hangover'. Twas quite good. Today I have nothing much planned, tomorrow is orthodontist, tuesday going out, wednesday going out... so little time left in this city before I move out..
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