Slutty arsonist strikes back

Was being bored during the morning, finishing Code Geass R2 (which I have to say, was quite amazing and much better than Macross Frontier from some while ago. Geek.) Then friends came round for lunch and we had pizza. Even though there's no tv or games anymore, it was actually fun, with the HipHop music playing on the mac and one of them dancing to it constantly. :) He suggested I become a slutty arsonist at university. Hmmm, a slutty arsonist medical student? That would be interesting. That idea came from when I suggested becoming a prankster at university. Then he started wearing my hello kitty blanket and yes everything was rather crazy...

Then they left because they have their leavers ball today (they go to a different school to me). They're doing theirs on a boat o_O Quite jealous. Might be fun throwing people overboard, though I don't think they've thought about that idea. So tomorrow would be quite boring for me, I have to wait until people wake up from a hangover to go out...

Today I'm going to be cooking spaghetti with Ragu source. If it tastes good, I'm going to survive the next 3 weeks off it.
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