Was woken up by Paul at 10am, invited round his. Played on the wii and attempted the Bedlam cube (which is pretty addictive, he said he would get me one for my birthday), then had Sunday roast and strawberries with cream. Twas so lovely.

And where is that Ali Boi today? He said he was going to come round for pizza for lunch today, but I couldn't get in touch with him, maybe he couldn't wake up. Apparently Cricket is on the in the afternoon, so he probably won't come out now. Oh, wait I got a text. Apparently he needs to tidy up. Lame excuse, I never have to tidy up. Wait, I have nothing TO tidy up.

Last night I went round a family friend's house for dinner. Twas rather uncomfortable being with just adults, who talk about other adults, usually from church-related places, and pregnancies. It felt like I had nothing in common with anyone, really, but I hope I didn't show it. But erm. I loved the food and it was nice of them to invite me over, even though mum wasn't around.
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