Last time at church

Today I said goodbye to the church I've been going to. You see, mum is going back to Japan as soon as I finish exams (which would be sometime next week) and she won't be returning forever. As for me, I don't go back for another 3 weeks, but I strongly doubt I would be going to church by myself. I'm just not as dedicated as that. Last time when mum was away, I didn't bother going to church. Oh I did, but that was when the clocks went forward so I missed 99% of the sermon.

We had a picnic in the local park afterwards. Somewhat relaxing, but nearly died of sunstroke. I was too tired to revise after the picnic so had a long nap, despite the fact that I have a statistics exam tomorrow. Oh well.

It was hot today for British standards, but this was probably nothing for Japan. How am I going to survive the hot summer there, with the added torture of being in a frigging car all day and learning to drive?!? I hope they have air conditioning.

I'm now thinking whether I should get a contract phone for university rather than pay-as-you-go which has suited me fine, since I don't usually phone or text 'randomly' to friends. Most of the time I don't even know where the phone is. I was thinking of getting 3 as it gives you free Skype calls, but I'm not sure how much I'd be using a phone, but probably more often than I am now... maybe. I really really really want an iPhone, but I bet they charge you so much for everything, calls, texts, internet access. I wish they did free wifi access... or do they? Must check. I can be a gadget geek when I want to.

5 more exams this coming week:
1) Statistics - Not bad, quite routine
2) Physics synoptics - Unpredictable, which may end up being an epic fail. Past papers have been alright, I just need to understand diffraction gratings and for the first time too.
3) Biology synoptics - not too bothered to be honest. I'm more scared of the first section than the essay
4) Chemistry exams - should be okay, but I hate trying to explain those 3 chromatography methods (2 of which appear to be the same) and I hope they don't ask anything from organic chemistry when it comes to synoptics. Those nucleophilic addition crap are completely out of my brain and I'm unlikely to visit them again.

Anyway back to revision.
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