I never finished watching 赤い糸 after seeing that girl contemplating suicide. Then I thought, well, this has to be one of those things where SOMEONE has to get hurt in some certain way. Pah.

Today I felt low after realising that I did one of the biology exam questions completely wrong. That would be 2 marks off then. Although I was never aiming for full marks, it still gave me a kick on the arse since my biology exams so far have been 100%. But no, I will not be contemplating suicide. But I was in a bad mood earlier and pissed my mum off, so I had to do the washing up to make up for that. Anyway, this 2 marks I realised aren't probably the only marks I lost - they asked a heck of a lot on the nerves, which sent me to the slaughter house to be slaughtered. Yes. Just like that. It was one of those simple reflex thing - taxis, init - that maggots tend to do in response to light.

I also do some kinesis movement sometimes. When stimulated by exam stress (yea, ok, not so much a stimulus), I spin round more and rotate randomly in a panic. When I'm exposed to greater intensity of... exam stress... I rotate at an even greater frequency. Just like that.

"Cuz all dem myelin sheath give me insulazion yea, and giv me saltatory impulses enit so dem action potentials only form at dem nodes of Ranvier (ye lyk sum french gangsta enit) so less A-T-P is needed, righ. An dat's gud cuz the speed of conduction like goes up well far enit. Ye, sick!"

Ohhh the united colours of Chavetton.

Statistics and chemistry revision have gone well today. I hope I could get As in these subjects at least. Then I'd be well on my way to medical school. I need AAB, you see. Even before sitting my summer exams for biology, I've already achieved a B in biology because I did reasonably well in the last year exams and January. And for maths and chemistry, apparently I need about 50% in my exams right now to get an A. Easy? Erm. I hope so.

As for physics, I could drop 50% and still get an A, which really comforts me since I know I did terribly on paper 2. But crap, a little bird tells me I don't even need physics to get into med school.

But anyway. I still felt so defeated today when I realised I dropped those 2 marks in biology. I'm so retarded, I just want to cry.

A friend phoned earlier and she and another friend invited themselves round my house. Is this common practice?

It's the 40th anniversary since we first landed on the moon this year, apparently, so NewScientist is doing a competition where the winner gets a piece of rock from the moon.

For the competition, you have to think of what Neil Armstrong may have said instead of 'One small step for man, one giant step for mankind' in 75 characters. Entries are submitted in the comments. Check it!

Some people believe that we never landed on the moon and that it was all an act, a hoax. Even one of my teachers at secondary school believed so. But I like to think we did land on the moon...
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