Observations made

whilst reading 花より男子for the 2nd time. Yes I know I'm in the middle of exams, I think I read this first time round around the same time last year, whilst doing my AS exams. I shouldn't be taking things so easily though. But listen, I revised all day today. Isn't that enough? I'm just so sick and tired, why do I have to attempt to get near full marks, when the next exams I don't exactly need to work THAT hard anyway. I take that back however.

Anyway observations:

1) Tsukushi, despite working sweat and tears to pay for her tuition fee at this rich prestigious school, doesn't seem to be attending lessons very often. Plus, there hasn't been a single scene where she goes home and does her homework, nor are there scenes where she's in lesson. What hypocrite. But I guess scenes like that aren't that interesting.

2) Why EXACTLY are her parents sending her to such a vicious circle college anyway. It makes more sense (and she has greater chances) of going to a proper normal college and try to escape from her social background by getting into, say, medicine or business school and start earning lots of money, instead of (her parents are pushing for this anyway) trying to marry into a rich family. It's like you're already admitting defeat that you can't MAKE YOURSELF rich by being successful yourself. Nay, she's looking for a ready-made pot of gold. Where is your pride anyway?

Also, if you're trying to escape from poverty, why bother spending so much for high school education? Makes more sense to go for state, then pay for university to get qualification and for better job prospects. No, her aim for going to college is just to prove that she has successfully graduated. After that, she's going to do lots more part time jobs. Seriously, what is that point of going to just any college anyway?

3) Why is Tsukushi always easily swayed by other guys. And how come they always physically have look like the first one she liked. I mean, you don't bump into lookalikes that often.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love that manga. Probably my favourite, along with Fruit Basket (which I haven't read for a long time)

I'm EXTREMELY excited about the short holiday in Kyoto this year. Apparently it's too hot to walk around for even 10 minutes outside in August over there, I can't even remember the heat since it's been 10 years since I experienced Japanese summer. Well, anyway, we're going to have a rough time trying to sight-see.

But it made me realise that most of the time I would just be left alone. Firstly, I have no friends whatsoever over there. Second, my brothers have school throughout summer. What. They don't have summer holidays over there? Well that's stupid. Therefore they won't be able to entertain me or take me places. I don't know my way round anywhere either. Thirdly, cousins are all probably busy and our parents don't seem to get on so well of late. Fourth, I need to learn to drive, therefore I can't get a part time job (to kill time and to earn money).


Also, I'm extremely excited about going to med school nowadays. I'm going to have so much fun..! I haven't forgotten the fact that I should work alot harder than I am right now. But the work sounds so interesting and HOPEFULLY no more of the following:

1) Endless hours of differentiation and integration
2) Looking up numbers on statistics tables, namely Poisson distribution, Chi-squared, T-dist, Z-dist eek eek eek
3) Organic chemistry. I hope I don't have to go on learning about how to separate... crude oil.
4) Trying to understand... physics. But I'm going to miss doing physics most of all though. I loved it, even though half of the time I didn't know what I was doing yet I was getting the right answers, which confused me even more.

Random rants. I should do more work.
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