"I was doing revision, but then I ended up on facebook"

seems to be the popular facebook update of late. I'm no exception to the law, I'm on facebook every few hours, maybe every half an hour, if only for the purpose of seeing who is online (most to whom I haven't spoken to since secondary school) or listening to my wee brother complaining about the colour and the pattern of the tshirt mum bought as souvenir.

My university has a medical society website. Apparently, you need to get above 50% in all the tests in the first year to get to second year (otherwise you get chucked out). Still scary, but 50%?? Quite low, considering that you need about 80% for an A at A-level? Tis probably because it's harder. But. Put in another way, you could still be a doctor by knowing just 50% of the things you need to know? That's pretty scary too (and obviously not the case).

The UPs:

1) I emptied my piggy bank full of 1p and 2p coins, which valued to 1 pounds 18 in total. That's a massive achievement as far as saving up is concerned.

2) I now have permission to go to Kyoto and USJ this summer with my brother. I just need to book the tickets and accommodation.

3) Turns out I don't have to go back to Japan so early (we were intending to change to an early date) - therefore more time to have fun with friends who I won't see for a long time.

The DOWNs:

1) On the last day of college, I went to pizza hut with friends after college. I couldn't be bothered to walk all the way home (which actually would take 1.5 hours, mind) therefore I was going to take the bus home. I needed to take money out from the bank to pay the 1 pound 60 bus fare (which I didn't have) - but I realised I only had 3 pounds in my current account and you could only take 10 pounds at a time. And my account doesn't let me take out overdrafts.

So, hitch-hiked to my nearest bank branch, where I went up to a bank-guy and asked for my 3 pounds. Very humiliating. I felt like a hobo for the first time.

It made me realise how unstable it feels to have no money at all.

2) I'm going mad. I obsessively keep checking my exam statement of entry to make sure that I have the exam dates correct. I keep thinking I've missed an exam.

3) Turns out I have to keep wearing my retainers for a month at least. ANOTHER bloody orthodontist appointment. I have to bus it ALL THE WAY there. I hate wearing them, I keep thinking I would suffocate.

4) The new neighbours talk extremely loudly and turn up the speakers on their games and music players up that I can hear every bloody beat of them bum bum techno music. I know the first track of their favourite CD too. I know the beats to it.

As soon as the exams are over, I'm going to go out every single day until I go back. Really. It really hit me hard the other day when I realised I won't see these people anymore, unless someone bothers to arrange to meet up, maybe in London where most of my friends are going for university. But then most people would make new friends at their university, so maybe the college/secondary friends would be less significant...? Sad. Very very sad.

Another DOWN is the fact that my first exam is next wednesday and it's physics. That's going to push my morale down. Usually I have a maths exam first, which I zoom through and feel good about myself. But physics? Hmm. Maybe not as bad as biology.

Other DOWNs include going to the leaver's ball (which is usually boring and I always end up feeling bad about myself - and you need ID to buy booze, I am frigging underage, most of my friends are underage therefore minimal booze) and driving lessons drawing near. I told you, I don't want to drive. I just don't want to increase my risk of mortality.
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