College concert

Rehearsal at lunch, concert at half 7. I thought it went rather well, but we didn't go to the usual concert venue - so I guess we weren't very familiar with the acoustics. Plus there weren't any designated dressings rooms, so we had to squeeze into one of the small chambers coming off the main chapel.

> Bach's Brandenburg concerto No.4
> (2 songs from the chamber choir, which I can't remember the names of)
> Shostakovich's 5th symphony
> Mozart's Requiem

I really enjoyed the Requiem - I didn't realise there would be so many people in the choir though.

So they increased the pandemic risk to level 5 then? I shouldn't really be in a panic. I don't blame the flu scare for my lack of motivation to revise of late (the argument which goes, 'we're all going to die anyway'), but I really should pull myself together soon. My mum IS , in fact, in a panic. Even though the NHS is going to supply masks when it comes to it, mum thinks we'd run out of masks, and is spending 30 pounds on a pack of 50 masks. Bless her.

I've been getting As in my mock exams, even though I haven't been revising. This is NOT good. No, it isn't good. This leads to me having false assumptions about my own abilities. I've just been lucky so far, when it comes to the real exams, I shouldn't really be relying on luck.

I'm knackered. I am absolutely knackered after the concert. But I have to do the stupid physics past paper, which is to be handed in tomorrow. FAIL!
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