Dad sends mum forwarded messages. Mum deletes them without reading them.

Seriously, there were 5 messages in the inbox just now and she casually clicked delete. This is EXACTLY how marriages go. Mum thinks dad should email her about how he's doing, etc, instead.

Friend had an argument with her boyfriend for not phoning her all day. Just ONE day. Seriously. No offense to her, but if that was an expectation from me, ie. phone the guy every single bloody day, I would chuck him out on the spot.

My brother is an idiot. The other brother is okay, but I don't know much about him. He's too busy playing football. This other brother (who is 12) is the family angel, apparently. Family mascot. I bet we'd still call him our baby brother even when he hits 40.

To do list in Japan
> Teach my brother physics
> Driving lessons - which I'm not keen on at all, but mum thinks I would need to drive once I qualify as a doctor. I guess I can't cycle casually in emergencies. But driving boosts your risk of mortality by like threefold.
> Help dad with stuff, as well as going to hot springs and visiting tourist attractions.

So it's been sunny all week, which is pretty rare in England. But tomorrow it's heavy rain to balance out the good weather we've being seeing. Oh well, I don't have any plans, except revision. Revision. Revision...

The neighbour is abusing his wife, I think. Judging by the shouting and her crying and how there's sounds of something hitting against the wall and the floor. Domestic violence, maybe? Not sure if we should tell the authorities.
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