A religious weekend

I haven't had the time to update my blog for awhile - I guess you could say that I was quite busy. Tests last week, followed by a half day of chemistry coursework - which involves watching a video of chemistry teachers conducting a kinematics experiment and you have to evaluate procedural and measurement errors then suggest improvements. In other words, blarb on about crap and you'd get the marks.

Oh, on Thursday I got the results back from the national A2 January exams. Full marks in biology, dropped two marks in chemistry out of 88 (I think) and... 96/100 in Maths. That's the worst mark I've got in my A-level module exams so far. I should have been a bit happier that day - after all, they were As - but I still felt just a bit pissed off. I should be more grateful for what I already have; I can't help thinking something bad would happen to me for not being thankful enough.

I hate doing school work. The physics test results came out last week (these were internally assessed i.e. not official national exams) and they weren't bad. I didn't revise for the tests that happened last week - I'm HALF dreading the results, but I'm also half not bothered at all. I'm starting to think that there's no purpose in life.

I don't think I'd come out of sixth form college with friends this year. I'm still in touch with and am close to the guys I've left behind at secondary school - at least I'd stay friends with them. Sometimes I feel that the 'new friends' I've made at sixth form are only there to hurt me. Human relationships are quite difficult to establish. Sometimes I wonder if it's actually worth making an effort to do when I know that pain will inevitably follow through that relationship.

On Saturday I helped out at the church easter party - this involved playing the violin for the songs, then translating my mum's testimony (in Japanese) to English (for the English congregation) and helping the washing up in the kitchen after serving food (which roughly translates to 'avoiding talking to people'. I just find that awkward. Don't get me wrong, the guests were extremely nice people)

Today, my mother got baptised. She took the plunge. There were 2 other people getting baptised today - the guy who hit the water last nearly drowned! Aww. But anyway, she must have been quite happy that many of her friends came to witness the event. We had a garden party at a friend's house afterwards.

Today also made me realise how little faith I have in anything. Still not sure if I carry on attending church at university. Sunday morning is too early, for one. But the other - I only go to church for my mother.

May presents:
5-minute Chocolate Cake
Well actually, some person from instructables dot com. Please click on above

I was interested in weather it does work, so I tried it out one day. It wasn't too bad, actually. But after a while, it set into a solid rock - it was more 'crunchy' than 'soft spongey'

My tips:
1) instead of plain flour, use self-raising flour
2) the website is American, therefore the 'tablespoons' are American tablespoons, not British or Japanese. A suitable conversation is therefore required. I couldn't be bothered, so I just shoved in what I thought I should shove into the mug.
3) The cake did rise a lot inside the microwave, so I suggest you use a rather large mug.

Mmm tasty
You can't complain that it looks deformed. Of course it does, it only took 5 minutes. It's edible and that's all that matters.
Spooned out of the mug.
Let me tempt you. I mean, SURELY you have 5 minutes to spare to make cake?? That also gives you time to put the kettle on and grab yourself a cuppa coffee. 一石二鳥。

Oops I haven't done the biology homework. Oops. Oh well.
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