Violence in Northern Ireland seems to be returning. I'm not really sure what caused the come-back - my condolences to the family of the policeman. The last I heard about Northern Ireland was when the government confirmed that families of the injured or killed during the conflict in the 60s on both sides were going to be cared for by the state - which seemed to have revealed old scars on both sides; both felt that they inflicted the injuries or lost a family member in vain. They felt that the other didn't deserve the same treatment.

What else was on the news? Oh, more reasons that Mugabe should just die. I find it difficult to imagine that Tsvangirai's wife died in a car crash by coincidence.

"Tongue bite girlfriend faced jail"
I did not believe such thing was possible. Drink responsibly guys.

Rising sea level - East Anglia is dead. My best friend is applying for a dual nationality (English and Dutch) - there might not actually be much of a point in him doing this, Holland probably won't exist in 10 years time.


PS The other day I made a 5-minute chocolate cake - more on that later when I have time xx

So, how 'asian' are you?????

[x] Both of your parents are from Asia
[X] You were born in Asia
[] You use the term "Azn"
[] You think DDR is cool
[x] You've watched lots of anime
[] You like Korean drama
[] You have stuff hanging on your phone
[] Your parents want you to marry within your own race
[x] You eat rice almost everyday
[] You drink lemon tea

X's so far: 4

[] You style your hair (most ppl style their hair!)
[x] You have a bebo/myspace/friendster
[x] You speak languages other than English
[] Your parents are strict compared to other REALLY asian parents
[x] Your parents have high expectations of you
[X] You always get A's/B's on your report
[x] You do Chemistry/Biology/Physics/Accounting
[x] You know your multiplication table
[] You play badminton or table tennis
[x] You've seen the asian version The ring/The grudge

X's so far: 11

[x] You go/want to go to a university and would NEVER consider an apprenticeship
[x] You own an asian car (Honda, Toyota, etc)
[x] You're not the only child
[] You've gotten little red envelopes around February
[] You know the difference between kung fu, karate and tae kwon do >_<
[?] (If you're a girl)You prefer white guys over asian guys (If you're a guy)You prefer asian girls
[] Your mother tries to bargain even though the product is already discounted
[] You can do the rubiks cube
[] You have a box of noodles somewhere in your house
[] You play video games

X's so far: 14

[] Everytime you're going out your parents ask you where you're going and what time you'll be home
[] You have karaoke at home
[] You know BOA/Gazette/Ayumi Hamasaki/Gackt
[] You've been to a LAN more than 3 times
[] You have incense sticks/moth balls in your house
[x] You own a gaming console
[x] You play a musical instrument
[x] You don't wear shoes in your house
[x] You can use chopsticks
[] You get nothing if you do well in school

X's so far: 18

[] Your parents won't let you go out if you have school the next day
[x] You have asian songs on your computer/iPod
[] You don't like football
[] You have a curfew
[] You know what ulzzang/tb means
[x] You know what purikura is
[] You like bubble tea
[] Your parents bought you shoes many sizes too big so you can "grow into it" and wear it for years to come (clothes as well)
[] You've played finalfantasy
[] You believe in fortune cookies

X's so far: 20

[] You know what bok choy is (DUDEEEE...it's PAK CHOI ar~)
[] You've heard the song "Got rice?"
[] You have a tutor
[X] You've had pockys/yan yan before
[] When you seek for your mother's permission she replies "Ask your dad"

X's so far: 21

Total X's: 21
Your total x 2
Result: 42% Asian

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